A Writing Update (Or, Coming This Summer)

Hello Friends!

It’s been a while since I posted on here. School, work, and being a newlywed didn’t leave me with much time to write more than my normal column at the Baptist Standard this past semester. That said, I’m now in a place where I can put significantly more time into writing and would like to give anyone interested some updates on some exciting things I have planned for the summer.

Probably the most exciting piece of news is that I’m working with two of my closest friends on starting a press. I’ll give more information on the press itself as we get a little closer to launch time (we’re anticipating opening our store in August).

Tied to our press opening, I’m also excited to announce my first book will be coming out soon- first two, actually.

The first is Divine Providence: A Conversation, co-written with Tylor Standley and Gerhard Stuebben. Each of us falls on a different side of the debate on providence: I’m an Arminian, Tylor is an Open Theist, and Gerhard is a Calvinist. Each of us will explain our position and why we hold it, respond to the other two positions, and offer a final counter-response to each critique of our position. Books like this already exist, of course. Our “hook” is that we’re three close friends sharing conversations we’ve had sitting at our favorite bar. We’re hoping to model what a charitable conversation about theology looks like as much as we are discussing the issue of God’s intervention in the world.

The second will be my first solo book, entitled Talking Over God: The Missing Word in Contemporary Theology (a more accurate title might be “How Karl Barth Ruined Everything for Me”). In Talking Over God, I’ll discuss ways in which the concept of “The Word of God” has been misunderstood and misused in contemporary theology. The aim of the book is to unpack just what it means to say that “God speaks” and Scripture and Church history provide with a rich concept of the Word that goes largely ignored in popular theology today. I’ll probably be blogging through portions of this book, so more to come soon!

Besides working on these books (Divine Providence is substantially underway, Talking Over God is in early stages), I’m planning on getting more active with my personal blog. A lot of this will be through reading, reviewing, and dialoging with books generously provided by Intervarsity Press. In the next month I’ll be blogging through upcoming releases from IVP on Christianity and Politics and Christian ethics. Additionally, I’m hoping to start hosting interviews with authors. I’ve got one potentially in the works that I’m really excited about, so be on the lookout!

With that plan in mind, make sure and let me know if there’s any particular topic you’d like for me to research and explore or upcoming book you’d like me to dialog with! I’m always looking for suggestions!

As a final note, I’m going to open up a separate Facebook page for my writing, so be sure to “like” that to keep up with the blog and book developments. My apologies if that seems pretentious; it’s not my preference to have a “fan” page, but I’m starting to have people who I don’t know in real life want to keep up with my work, and would rather not use my personal profile for that for privacy reasons.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who’s been supportive of my writing in the last year! I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without your support!


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